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To: Director, AWD (Shri Anjani Kumar), President of India, New Delhi (HE Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil), OIPA in India, Chairman, AWBI (Dr. R.M. Khareb), Prime Minister of India (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Sngh), Vice President of India (Hon'ble Hamid Ansari), Chief Minister of Delhi (Smt. Shiela Dixit), Minister of Environment and Forest (Smt. Jayanthi Natrajan), Mayer, Municipal Corporation, Delhi (Ms. Rajni Abbi), Director Vetonary Services (Dr R B S Tyagi), Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Delhi (Mr. Mehra), and Chennai. (Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation)
Subject: Ban meat export from Gazipur slaughter house - Naresh Kadyan
Letter: Greetings, ,

Animals are being abused for personnel gain and profit, Stop export from Gazipur slaughter house and cancel the lease to the following company at once.
Indian Express reporting:
The much-awaited Ghazipur abattoir has finally become operational. After a delay of about three years, the MCD inaugurated it on December 10.

The abattoir has a capacity of slaughtering 1,500 and 3,000 animals through the jhatka and halal methods respectively on a daily basis. At present, however, only the jhatka section of the Idgah slaughterhouse has been moved to the new premises; the halal and the buffalo sections will be shifted in the coming month.

Facing resistance from butchers, the abattoir managed to slaughter only four goats on Day One. The number went up to 163 on Sunday.

The first of its kind in India, the slaughterhouse has been constructed using German technology that employs completely hygienic techniques for processing the meat. The entire system is mechanised, ensuring the proper disposal of animal excreta and waste body parts. The MCD also said during the trial period, 400 butchers have been trained for work at the slaughterhouse.
At the Idgah slaughterhouse, the slaughtering fee was Rs 5 per animal; at the Ghazipur slaughterhouse it would cost Rs 45.

MCD Commissioner K S Mehra said the corporation has been facing resistance from butchers working at the Idgah slaughterhouse who do not want to move to Ghazipur. “On Sunday, we received complaints regarding illegal slaughtering taking place at the Idgah slaughterhouse. We had filed a police complaint and also slapped a fine of Rs 15,000 on the offenders. At the Ghazipur abattoir, we will keep a check on the number of animals being slaughtered each day. The MCD will also make sure that the butchers maintain hygiene. The butchers, however, are resisting the move,” said Mehra.

The Supreme Court in 2005 had directed the MCD to move the Idgah slaughterhouse to Ghazipur. After the BJP came to power last year, chairman of the MCD Standing Committee Vijendra Gupta had announced that the abattoir will move to Ghazipur in January 2008. It, however, took the MCD almost a year to finally get the slaughterhouse shifted to the new premises last week. On December 10, the MCD was also supposed to file a status report to the Supreme Court.

The MCD Commissioner said the delay took place due to the contractor missing the deadline.

OIPA in India raised following questions before MCD:
1. Why Gazipur slaughter house leased out to the FRIGORIFICO ALLANA LIMITED a member of ALLANA Group of companies ?
2. Who allowed them to export meat after slaughtering in the premises of the Gazipur slaughter house?
3. OIPA in India placed open notice before MCD to cancel the Gazipur slaughter house lease at once and ban meat export.
4. Municipal Corporation, Delhi should shut down export wing and restore festival holidays to all concerned.
5. Municipal Corporation, Delhi should introduce mechanism to minimize the stress, pain, injury and unnecessary sufferings to all animals brought for slaughtering. MCD should ensure strict compliance of the animal welfare laws and rules, likewise animal supplier be directed as well to be humane towards animals during their shifting towards Gazipur slaughter house.
Matter has been taken by Naresh Kadyan vide No. GNCTD/E/2011/00936 dated August 26, 2011 with the Govt. of Delhi.

Signed By:

Name Location Date
Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India 08/25/2011
OIPA in India Delhi, IN 08/25/2011
Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India Delhi, IN 08/25/2011
Diane Carvello San Diego, CA 08/25/2011
Sukanya Kadyan Delhi, India 08/25/2011
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, India 08/25/2011
Irene Broßeit Herford, OR 08/25/2011
Christine Pinehill Brisbane, Australia 08/25/2011
Jon Spinac New York, NY 08/25/2011
Elisabeth Bechmann St. Pölten, Austria 08/25/2011
cristiano pinnow viamão, Brazil 08/25/2011
Maria Schneider Munich, BY 08/25/2011
Paola Ghidotti Vigevano, Italy 08/25/2011
beatrice de filippis sana'a, Yemen 08/25/2011
Albert Mah Como, Australia 08/26/2011
Eva Zaharieva Sofia, Bulgaria 08/26/2011
ryan mckenzie apple valley, CA 08/26/2011
neil moorcroft skelmersdale, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Theodore Spachidakis piraeus, Greece 08/26/2011
Diana Vassileva Sofia, Bulgaria 08/26/2011
darius dirzinskas london, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Julia Tawyea' Lake Ariel, PA 08/26/2011
john lopez reno, NV 08/26/2011
Mike Antone Sacaton, AZ 08/26/2011
Naresh Kadyan Rep. OIPA in India Delhi, India 08/26/2011
Susan Bell Las Vegas, NV 08/26/2011
Elsie Au St. Louis, MO 08/26/2011
Nick Hardy Clearwater, FL 08/26/2011
Fabienne Amnesty For Animals Limburg, Netherlands 08/26/2011
Beate Michl Nandlstadt, DE 08/26/2011
Roy Grant Milesburg, PA 08/26/2011
Iwona Janeczko Warsaw, Poland 08/26/2011
Whitewolf Ara United Kingdom, MT 08/26/2011
Bachellerie Renée st selve, FL 08/26/2011
Marilyn Martin Rockville, MD 08/26/2011
Cristina Cristache Bucharest, Romania 08/26/2011
shirley moore tavarnelle val di pesa, AL 08/26/2011
fiona curran Galway, Ireland 08/26/2011
Marguerite Kirkman St.Albans, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Sandra Seiça Aveiro, Portugal 08/26/2011
Nadezhda Peneva Karlsruhe, Germany 08/26/2011
Judith Trouvain Biberach, Germany 08/26/2011
Claire B Swansea, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Kim Larsen Rockledge, FL 08/26/2011
Bonni Thompson Huntsville, AL 08/26/2011
deborah massey nairn, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Joanna Ciasnocha Grudziadz, Poland 08/26/2011
lara parera vienna, Austria 08/26/2011
Giulia Togliatto Adelaide, Australia 08/26/2011
JiYoung Chung Bundang(분당), Korea, Republic of 08/26/2011
marion suckow Diemelsee, DE 08/26/2011
Katja Siirasto Helsinki, Finland 08/26/2011
Marietta W.Alfaro Sacramento, CA 08/26/2011
rinki banerji mumbai, India 08/26/2011
Vivienne Ben-Shir London, United Kingdom 08/26/2011
Mary Foley cork, Ireland 08/26/2011
Chris Drumright Murfreesboro, TN 08/26/2011
cathala corine Pierrelatte, France 08/26/2011

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